Why you should use GRAD NO.1

A relevant question to ask we say, you could just use your regular refrigerator or freezer but then again you could also use a landline.

Easy to use

This is a plug and play product, meaning no need to read a long ‘How to’ guide for the first use. Just turn it on, set your temperature and place a pre-chilled bottle inside, and enjoy. Not much more to it, no need for ice or water that makes the bottle wet and drippy, and damaging the bottle’s labelin other words a much nicer experience both for a guest as for the handler of the bottle. 


This one is for the bar staff – imagine not needing to buy, fetch and re-fill ice ever again…

The perfect serve

Many of us store our wines at precise temperatures in a wine refrigerator, only for them to lose the intended serving temperature the second we take them out and start enjoying them. It kind of makes all that time spent in the wine refrigerator a bit of a waste of time?! We may then use ice buckets, sleeves, or other cooling hacks, but nothing maintains that perfect temperature throughout the entire serving of the bottle. GRAD NO.1 allows you to always drink wine at the ideal temperature, and thereby taste the wine as it should be.


Over recent years we have dedicated ourselves to embedding sustainability and good environmental practices throughout everything we do at GRAD.  We have worked hard to design a fully circular product, and discover the right processes for design, collection and recycling.

We have designed the product to be easily disassembled so if you want to return it to us at any point, when we get the machine back to our assembly facilities, we separate all parts and decide which are being upcycled and given a new life in a new machine and which are going back into the supply chain for recycling.

We hope that with this in mind, you’ll feel extra good when you enjoy a glass of wine from GRAD NO.1, knowing that the wine tastes perfect and you’re supporting a company who are protecting the planet.

The experience

We all seek those great experiences that give us joy, whether it´s going on a hike, visiting a new place or eating at a nice restaurant.  At GRAD, we are always thinking about how to enhance an experience.  That´s why we came up with GRAD NO.1, because it´s always in the details of those experiences that makes them unforgettable. GRAD NO.1 allows you to enjoy any wine or champagne at the perfect temperature, anywhere you wish, and we think that adds an extra luxury and comfort to your ordinary experience of wine enjoyment.

We know what we are doing and you can trust us

GRAD was established in 2015 and our team has hardly changed since.  We love what we do and have an experienced selection of thermal, mechanical and electrical engineers, alongside designers, supply chain experts and a skilled founding team.  We have designed cooling products for some of the world’s largest drinks brands and with our patented technology, focus on high quality and Scandinavian design heritage, we are ready to serve the needs of people who care about their wine, and the ones they share it with.