About us

We are an international team of 9 from Sweden, Denmark, England and Ireland on a mission to sustainably refine the global wine serving industry and the way we savour our favourite grapes. This team of highly experienced thermal engineers and designers have combined patented technology, great materials and Danish design to create a battery-driven wine cooler to serve the needs of people who care about their wine, and the ones they share it with.

We were founded in 2015 after our founder came up with the idea after spending time working in a bar and noticing the huge amount of ice waste and overall time and energy consumed to keep bottles cold, only for them to still not keep the right temperature. The company started by focusing on cooling innovations for the private kitchen and afterwards moved towards the wine and spirits cooling industry, where we have been focusing entirely on designing and manufacturing professional and proprietory cooling barware direct to businesses. But we couldn’t get it out of our heads that at home or in restaurants, we install wine refrigerators to store wine at the perfect temperature, and the minute the wine is taken out and served, the temperature is immediately wrong. So we designed the GRAD NO.1 to be the perfect transition from the wine refrigerator to serving.

Our core values relate to: Nordic design: Coming from Denmark and with our Scandinavian design heritage, we commit to design that is practical, smart, user-oriented and timeless, while maintaining the aesthetic and beautiful design. Sustainability: We use environmentally-friendly, clean electrical technology and have a built-in circular model throughout our entire supply chain, from production to use and re-use. Quality: We are committed to focusing on quality in every aspect of our product. From the technology to the design and materials, you can expect the best. GRAD products are engineered to last.