Nordic Design

Coming from Denmark and with our Scandinavian design heritage, we commit to design that is practical, smart, user-oriented and timeless, while maintaining the aesthetic and beautiful design.


One Planet

We are uncompromising in the integrity of the design and our unique technology, and are dedicated to making products that will enrich people’s lives without depleting material resources and aim to create products and materials which can be used and reused perpetually. 

We were fortunate to receive an EU-funded grant from the Danish Board of Business Development for a Green Circular Transition project, where in partnership with a Danish consultancy, In Futurum and the Danish Design Centre we have been able to design a fully circular product, and discover the right processes for design, collection and recycling.   

Our main initiatives are: 

Design: Now, the product is designed for disassembly and has no permanent binding methods, which allows it to be recycled more easily.

Distribution: Introducing a take-back-system so the product can be reused or recycled properly. 

Recycling/Upcycling: Creating systems to recycle parts correctly. 


Made to be remade

We are committed to focusing on quality in every aspect of our product. From the technology to the design and materials, you can expect the best. GRAD products are engineered to last.