Nordic Design

Coming from Denmark and with our Scandinavian design heritage, we commit to design that is practical, smart, user-oriented and timeless, while maintaining the aesthetic and beautiful design.

Grad NO.1

Enhancing the wine experience.

Take your establishment to the next level with GRAD NO.1, the beautifully designed, rechargeable wine cooler. Grad NO.1 replace the old, heavy wine bucket full of ice that makes your wine and champagne too cold and flavorless. No more water running down the bottle and dripping on your guests.

Grad NO.1

Optimized work flow and a greater experience.

Grad NO.1 is the new way of keeping your bottle at the correct temperature all throughout the serving, making the experience just that bit better for customers.It is lightweight and easy to carry, easy to clean and easy to re-charge, and will fit very well in your home, bar or restaurant.