Where GRAD NO.1 was first shown.

Where GRAD NO.1 was first shown

GRAD’s founder dreamt up GRAD NO.1 over 5 years ago, and whilst GRAD took another direction at the time, the dream has remained bubbling under the surface these past years. 

When COVID hit the world and ordinary day-to-day operations became affected, GRAD used the opportunity to go very hard on product development activity for GRAD NO.1.  We spent the time conducting extensive market research and small-scale pilot tests on very early prototypes of GRAD NO.1 and worked hard to reach a design we love. 

The first time the world then saw GRAD NO.1 was when we launched our Indiegogo campaign (a crowdsourcing platform), a campaign that was meant as a test to see if anybody would love this product as much as we do. And luckily enough people did, the campaign was fully funded in the first 24 hours, with backers from 23 countries. 

You can learn more about the campaign here: https://igg.me/at/grad-no1/x/26077190#/

We got picked up by some pretty cool publications, such as Nordic Style Mag, which you can read here:


We have been using this momentum and great feedback to continue to perfect and develop the product to make it even more great.

Some of the things we have upgraded is our made to be remade capabilities, meaning that most of the product should be able to be disassembled and reused in new products or refurbished ones. By doing this we can both save the environment as well as offer a better price to the end consumer. Not that the latter is needed as the price is already fairly good in our opinion!

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